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Friends Like You.

Salamun’alaikum… Have a good day to you alls…  J
            “You alls ni kan…” This statement made me remember to my lecturer… She’s pregnant while she lecturing me last two semesters…

[Have you recognized? Not yet? Please close your right eyes if I made mistakes or misspell or my grammar. I’m not so fluent, surely! People need to brave even in writing. Talking is easier than writing. Ahahaha=)]
Isn’t it that I have no point to talk? [Write, okay? J ] With my age, my knowledge is still not or cannot be share to others since I must learn more, more and much from others.
Do you have friends?
*I have too much friends, I cannot counting it… Arghhh… [I’m really amazing with you.]
*I have a friend that very valuable to me. I really don’t want to lose him unless we are separated by death. I’m blessing to know and have him/her. He is my husband or She is my wife. [ Wow!!! I’m really very ‘jelly’ jealous to you. Jelly? =) ]

Yup! You and I have friends. I think maybe they are in reality or virtual world. Okay. When we start make friends and become friends, of course we adapt to know each other the attitudes, behaviours and anything that can be shared. Can you really say confidentially that you know him/her well after 5 years? 10 years? 30 years? 50 years? JJJ

Actually we don’t know them very well because they tend to change. And we have to understand because we also change. Hope to a better person, right? When we start becoming friends, we try to understand the character each other. Sometimes after many years, we still not really understand him/her very well. Isn’t it? J We need more patients to be a good friend. If you still friends with him/her until die, the period of time is a learning process to know more each other, truth. Then, what? I’m still learning to know my friends now J and want to make more new friends. Like you? J

A good friend is a person that can bring you to become a better person than before. [Repeating? Uhukkk J ] But you should let yourself change happily. Everything that we made happily because of Allah, we will not felt regret later if people critic yours. We don’t want to feel hurt, right? So, change happily and become a better person only because of Allah. No one will be perfect except Prophet s.a.w.

Sometimes we cannot have all good friends in one time with us. Surely I and friends have some attitudes that will not perform nicely to us. But what make you still stand to have friends like me or them? The main reason is because of Allah. They still have many good attitudes that I and you can follow. Why have to unfriend JUST because of an attitude that you and he/she hate or didn’t like? So, just accept and learning to know more and more each other.

I love my friends and trying to be a good friend. JJJ
To have many friends like you and you, what a good life I have. Thanks to Allah...Alhamdullillah.
But... I'm sorry cannot be like what you expect from me. Don't let your hand go from me. I will tight you in my heart. Friends? What the most thing valuable to us. Love them

Tata [Tii…TT]
I’m sorry if my words hurt you and always smiles… J
[ My grammar, spelling and other thing… I’m sorry and really meant it. Peace yoshhhh… Aigooo~~ ]

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nur said... walking here..singgah ler blog sy gaka kat tgk bunga2 cantik mekar dlm cara berbeza ssuai utk deko umah anda..

nur said...
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mama ct said...

salam, ini mama dari my muslim family, kite dah tukar alamt blog ye, normalmuslimmama.blogspot. ;-)

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